News & Updates

Episode 12
9.22.2022 | New Investments
Applebee's Sumter comes with a 10% rent bump in 2023
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Parsons Update
9.15.2022 | Operations
We signed a lease for the remaining 3,084 sq ft bringing occupancy to 100% at Parsons Meadow. This lease was signed for $26 per foot, with 3% annual escalations...
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Episode 11
9.8.2022 | New Investments
We found our first IHOP opportunity in north of Houston, Texas
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Episode 10
9.1.2022 | Operations
Follow up to the original Denti discussion - Live Q&A answering questions related to operations, investment strategy and fund structure
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Episode 9
8.25.2022 | Operations
Reviewing an opportunity in the industrial flex space to acquire an existing asset and create value through renovations
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Episode 8
8.25.2022 | Operations
The Whiskey Road 1031s from one asset to three
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Episode 7
8.18.2022 | Greenleaf Now
Introduction to the new Denti investment deal with Frank Ragusa
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Episode 6
8.11.2022 | Operations
Reviewing an existing Greenleaf apartment deal by analyzing the cost to upgrade and capture higher rental rates
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Episode 5
8.8.2022 | Greenleaf Now
A look at industrial assets in the market and what we notice in our assets in the Southeast
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Episode 4
7.14.2022 | Greenleaf Now
Update on our multifamily and what we see in our assets
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Episode 3
7.7.2022 | Greenleaf Now
Discussion on commercial occupancy and where it is headed
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Episode 2
6.30.2022 | Greenleaf Now
Interest rate hike and its effect on the Greenleaf retail portfolio
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